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T-REX 700 Heavy Duty Clutch Set

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Aparecido el: 15/02/2010
Art. Nr: LX0016
Categoría Align T-Rex 700 Nitro

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- P/N: LX0016 - T-REX 700 Heavy Duty Clutch set

This innovative Heavy Duty Clutch series allows for a very solid engagement, eliminating vibration and is designed for hardcore 3D enthusiasts. Made from carbon steel and has a thermal treatment for surface finish.

The characteristics of the Lynx Heavy duty clutch:

  •  Extremely strong and springy steel alloy for better mechanical engagement and improved fatigue resistance
  •  Innovative "lip" design that eliminates vibration and adds 20% more contact friction for better power transmission
  • Revolutionary weight position to optimize the clutch engagement for specific 3D flying. More balanced engine RPM at idle and a precise engagment at higher RPM without unnecessary load.
  •  Self-cleaning surface to get maximum friction 
  •  High quality, one-way bearing for strong and consistent locking during the start operation.

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