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Main Blades 690 TBS [3 Blades]

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Aparecido el: 15/07/2019
Art. Nr: 6903TBS
Categoría SAB T-Line

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Specific for Goblin class 700 three-blade and for other helicopters class 700 three-blade.
Flight type: acrobatic sports / 3D

Technical data:

Length: 690 mm [3 BLADES]
Width: 56/60 mm
Root: 12 mm
Bolt Hole: 5mm

Thanks to the variable profile, "SAB Thunderbolt Blades" can increase the performance of your helicopter optimizing efficiency and enhancing the maneuverability in all flight styles. The bi-directional carbon structure ensures high rigidity and strength necessary to withstand very high stress generated by modern 3D helicopters. Include safety wire to prevent the throwing of dangerous fragments in case of a crash.

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