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XLPower Specter 700 V2 World Champion Limited Edition Kit

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Aparecido el: 10/12/2023
Art. Nr: XL70V2K04
Categoría Specter 700

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XLPower Specter 700 V2 World Champion Limited Edition Kit : XL70V2K04

  • Length Without Main Blades: 1360mm (Not included)
  • Height Overall: 351mm
  • Width: 217mm
  • Main Gear: 106T Mod 1
  • Pinion Gear: 11T(10T-13T Optional)
  • Motor Shaft Diameter: 6mm (Length 20-55mm)
  • Main Gear Ratio: 9.636 (10.6 - 8.38 Optional)
  • Front Tail Pulley: 100T
  • Rear Tail Pulley: 21T(20T Optional)
  • Tail Ratio: 4.767 (5.0 Optional)
  • Frame Weight: 2060g
  • Main Shaft Diameter: 15mm
  • Feathering Shaft Diameter: 10mm
  • Tail Boom Diameter: 32mm
  • Tail Belt Width: 8mm
  • Main Gear Thickness: 18mm
  • Battery Compartment Size: 380mm*68mm*70mm

A special made canopy is not only significantly lighter but also due to it's unique structure is much stronger than typical fibreglass canopies. Each canopy takes a lot of time to hand make and is one of the main reasons this is a limited edition feature. Each WC kit comes with a neon red Kenny Ko colour painted boom and white painted skid pipes that are great for added visibility in the air.

The rotor head has been improved with a new upper swash plate with the 1:1 ratio length built in so all 4 balls are the short version. This is much stronger in a crash. The new head-block is now made entirely in one process with the goal to make the truest and nicest fitting head-block possible. The main shaft fit is improved so no special technique is required for consistently excellent alignment. With this new head-block tracking and eliminating autorotation wobble are no longer a concern even with rigid POM damper inserts.

New POM swash plate anti-rotation bracket that has smoother motion on the swash pin, tighter, and longer lasting than the previous carbon plate version.

The new centre crutch now not only ties the motor mount to the main chassis's main shaft bearing blocks but also ties the tail section to add rigidity and further make the tail boom mounting area even stronger. The upper part of the tail rotor and back swashplate servo are also now tied to the bearing block removing any flex in the core of
the frames.

Easy connect canopy locks removing the need for safety pins with a much easier way to remove and mount the сапору.

A new battery tray latch with more pin exposed to engage the battery tray for even the most aggressive flights with heavy batteries.

Now included in the electric is a lighter, more accurately made, tail case and easier to maintain tail pitch bell-crank mounting bracket that is not only stronger for flight but significantly more crash resistant.

A new tail rotor hub and pitch control system utilising a seesaw hub design with correcting delta to improve tail performance, reduce noise, and vibration. The tail rotor stops are very crisp and in high speed flight a significant reduction in noise can be heard. Over all the pilot can expect to feel a smoother performing helicopter when flying.

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