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GLOGO 690SX helicopter kit ***Pre-Order***

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Aparecido el: 07/11/2018
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  • Designed and tested by World Champion R/C Helicopter Pilot and long time Team Mikado Member, Kyle Dahl. 
  • Systematically designed and put through rigorous amounts of testing, this is the ideal 690 size Nitro machine, for every pilot, for every style of flying.
  • Mikado hasn’t had a model for the nitro market in 26 years, but the ultra light GLOGO 690 is the model worthy to bring NITRO back to MIKADO!

It utilizes tried and tested components from the existing LOGO 690 such as

  • 106 T Herring bone gear which is quiet, strong, and efficient
  • aluminum swashplate with new geometry for quicker cyclic response
  • robust tail drive via HTD-belt, with aluminum drive pulleys
  • stronger blade grips with Ø 5 mm blade grip bolt
  • stronger free wheel for higher torque
  • reinforced clamp ring for main rotor shaft

Rotor diameter 1,560 mm

Rotor blades e.g. VTX 697, Rotortech 690

RTF weight 4.100 - 4.350 g (dry)

recommended rx-Lipo 2s-5,000 mAh

Main gear ratio 8,15

Main Gear size 106 teeth, modul 1

Length 1,300 mm

Hight 425 mm

Illustrated Manual
Motor pinion 13 teeth
Blades CFK-Main Rotor Blades
Tail Blades CFK-Tail Rotor Blades

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